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AMD Demo - Whiteout is a program to demonstrate the graphics of Radeon HD cards
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ATi is one of the leading graphics card manufacturers. It was acquired by AMD in 2006. ATI's graphics cards are more stable than any other graphics cards available. But regarding the performance, it is not very good, compared to NVIDIA (whose cards are more expensive).

"Radeon" is the codename for a series of graphics cards by ATi. AMD Demo - Whiteout is a demo or something like a benchmarking tool for ATI Radeon HD graphics cards. This software can be downloaded freely from ATi (AMD) website. Now, Radeon HD is the latest range of graphics cards in the Radeon series, which are HD capable. So, the latest games can be played on these cards, with an HD monitor.

The demo is very well prepared to utilize the full capability of the graphics card.

At the start of the demo, we see "Ruby", the character, being brought to a mountainous terrain on a helicopter (or some advanced vehicle of the sort). She is a snowboarder. She lands on top of a mountain and slides down. We do not have control over the character now. All the snow, rock, and ice are very well prepared. Each strand of fur on Ruby's fur collar and wrinkles on her brow can also be rendederd by the ATi Radeon HD graphics card. But any card below the Radeon HD 2900 will suffer due to less performance. So, this one needs a very good graphics card.

After the story part, we can contol the camera which can be placed on some locations on the story and rotate the view, and see all the mountain, the secret place inside the countain, etc. We can set different parameters to control the quality of graphics. We can also see the wireframes

So, this is just a demonstration of the graphical capabilities of your graphics card.

Zack Martin
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